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Case Study: World Athletics

The Challenge

World Athletics was required to explore a number of key areas in order to try and maximise the latent commercial potential within its ecosystem.

  • Athletics is the 2nd highest participation sport in the world but the conversion of passive fans is 5x lower than comparable sports
  • Athletics is the most demographically representative sport globally, however, only 3 track & field athletes are present in the top 200 athletes on social media
  • Athletes are highly marketable individuals but most earn significantly less than in other sports
  • The sport delivers a simple, accessible narrative but is losing popularity amongst key gen-z and millennial demographics

Oakwell's Role

Oakwell produced a detailed financial analysis of World Athletics’ existing business and commercial operations and constructed business cases for a number of strategic growth options to facilitate the federation achieving its medium- and long-term objectives in a manner complementary to its existing business.


World Athletics is moving forward with a number of key proposals and is well positioned to make the optimal strategic and financial decisions to kick-start a golden era for the sport.

Oakwell continues to provide ongoing strategic advisory services to World Athletics management as its business evolves.

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