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Oakwell launches dedicated sports, media and technology fundraising business

Oakwell sports advisory launches new business division – dedicated to sports media and technology companies.

Oakwell forecasts the Sports Tech market will be worth over $50 billion by 2030.

Oakwell is the dedicated corporate finance boutique and strategic consultancy advising sports rightsholders and investors on commercial strategy, financing options and valuation. Oakwell partners with outstanding sports rights holders (including clubs & federations), investors (including private equity & HNWI), and technology companies to deliver industry-leading advice, and has pioneered the influx of institutional capital into the sports sector.

Alongside its Advisory, Strategic Consulting and Capital Raising offerings to sports federations, leagues, franchises, private equity and sports-related companies – Oakwell is launching a dedicated Sports, Media and Technology Fundraising business.

This new expansion will centre around high-growth sports companies including connected health and fitness, fan engagement, OTT/DT2 Media, Anti-Piracy, content and social, esports, data and gambling, performance analytics, fantasy sports and betting, venue optimisation and ticketing, and sponsorship tech.

The Sports, Media and Technology team will be led by Alex Coral, Tom MccGwire and Mat Tait.

Andrew Umbers co-founder of Oakwell, commented:

“Oakwell sits at the convergence between sport, media and technology, underpinned by first class investor and rights holder relationships. Over the past five years, we have established a clear track record in providing commercial revenue-enhancing solutions to sport, and not just general corporate finance services.”

“We now believe the sporting world is in the midst of its own digital revolution which will transform sport and its interactions with fans, and that many of the young sports, media and technology companies of today will be the goliaths of tomorrow. Whilst it is part of Oakwell’s responsibility to educate the investor marketplace of this change, many of the companies we now speak to are of investment grade.”

Andrew Croker, Chairman of Oakwell’s Advisory Board, said:

“Sport is no longer the 100% domain of the traditional sports and marketing agency driven model. Smart Stadia, the rise of NFT’s, 1st Party Data, and changing consumer habits are driving different, and in many cases, increasingly better and different commercial revenues models in sport.”

“The push behind these seismic changes is technology. Therefore, it is natural adjunct to Oakwell’s development that we are launching this new service.”

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